HubSpot Onboarding & Setup

No matter which HubSpot product you're looking to onboard, our HubSpot onboarding and setup processes ensure the right activities are prioritized, avoid mistakes in configurations, and remove all uncertainty. The result? A quicker and successful adoption, and fast ROI.


Four Step Process

We take you through these four key steps to ensure a smooth onboarding process:

  • Discovery – every onboarding project begins with listening to your needs so we can properly set and meet your business’ goals.
  • Set-Up and Recommendations – once we understand your goals, we’ll configure your HubSpot portal with smart workflows to create best practices for your organization.
  • Training and Optimization – We’ll get your team properly trained so they can use HubSpot like a pro!
  • Support – after you’re successfully onboarded, we’re here to provide additional support, from optimizing your marketing strategy to executing tactical elements.

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