We can’t thank Envisage Solutions Group (ESG) enough for their help transitioning our CLM from Veeva to IQVIA OCE Sales. In January we were looking for an agency that could help us transition our CLM from Veeva to IQVIA OCE Sales. This agency would need get their certification with IQVIA OCE and move all of our assets over to an  entirely new platform which would require re-coding of our marketing pieces and much more. This is typically a 3-month project.

We are so thankful for ESG because they became certified and helped us transition our CLM in less than 30 business days. We had a handful of interactive pieces and ESG made a difficult migration much easier by being quick troubleshooters and communicative around the clock.

— Shaina Burns, Dexcom, Associate Marketing Manager

The Strategy

After learning that Dexcom was transitioning from Veeva to IQVIA’s OCE Sales platform we contacted our rep at IQVIA and started the OCE Sales Certification. Because we were already certified in IQVIA’s MI Touch product, the certification process was quick. While getting certified, we reviewed all the content that Dexcom was looking to transition from Veeva Vault and helped them prioritize which pieces were deemed important to their marketing, sales, and sales ops teams.

The Solution

We created a backup of all of Dexcom’s files in Veeva Vault and assessed which pieces needed to be recoded for OCE Sales. This included IVA’s and email templates as well as a library of videos and PDFs that needed to be cataloged and made easily accessible in OCE Sales.

Within 30 days, we successfully transitioned Dexcom over to OCE Sales allowing their reps to have sufficient time to train and learn how to use the new platform before their full launch.

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